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If you’re a top level recruiter looking for your next student leads, you’re home.

Many universities struggle to reach new markets and attract top-quality students and business partners. Traditional recruitment methods are often time-consuming, costly, and ineffective in generating leads.

With the rise of digital technologies, Universities need to adapt their recruitment strategies to reach new audiences and provide a personalized, immersive experience for prospective students and partners. Additionally, universities need to navigate the complexities of international recruitment, including visa requirements, cultural nuances, and the admissions process.

At epic-Connect International (eCI) we offer a comprehensive solution to these challenges such as marketing support, recruitment tours, virtual tours, and education consultants to help universities expand their reach and attract top-quality leads.​
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epic-Connect International could organize recruitment tours for universities to new markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. These tours would include visits to wealthy family clubs and other venues where university recruiters and business enablers can connect with potential students and partners

For universities that cannot travel to new markets, eCI could create virtual tours that showcase the university’s campus, programs, and culture. These tours would be shared with prospective students and partners online, providing a convenient and immersive recruitment experience.​

We could provide marketing support to universities to help them reach new audiences and promote their programs. This would include social media campaigns, email
marketing, content creation, and other strategies to generate top-quality leads.

To help universities navigate the complexities of international recruitment, epic-Connect International would provide education consultants who are experts in the admissions process, visa requirements, and cultural nuances of different markets.

At eCI, we would handle all aspects of event planning, from coordinating with the venue and vendors to creating a customized event schedule that maximizes the university’s exposure to potential students and business partners.

To create a one-stop-shop recruitment experience, epic- Connect International would coordinate with banks, insurance companies, airlines, and other business enablers to ensure they are represented at the event and can provide valuable information to potential students and partners.​

After the event, eCI would provide follow-up support to universities and business partners, such as lead generation, data analysis, and feedback on the effectiveness of the event.

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