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Allied for Strength

epic-Connect International (eCI), is a women-owned business based in Nairobi, Kenya, the hub of innovation in the global south. We pursue equal access to opportunities for all.
We focus on removing the friction across the entire recruitment and enrollment journey for students and recruiters.

What We Do


To provide global access to quality education opportunities to those who have the means and remove all frictions that limit them.


We envision a world where geographic location is not a hindrance to opportunity.


Empathy, utu (humanity), Exceptionalism, Partnership.

our leadership ​

“I see myself as a Social Entrepreneur changing the world by bringing students one step closer to their dreams.”

The big 4: what makes Joy Atieno, eCI’s founder tick.

• She’s passionate about connecting the world through golf and sports,
• She believes in strong connections with a human touch.
• She’s a Young African entrepreneur and race horse owner.
• She’s a strong believer in Women Empowerment.


A strong relationship chain that leads to success

At epic-Connect International we want to become essential to our clients and build long-term relationships that will impact and transform the world for the better.

By bringing together student dreams, educator goals, and the expert eCI team, we create amplified value at every touch point, building an experience that's greater than the sum of its parts.

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